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Toys and Colors Kaleidoscope City: Goo Games

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Welcome to Kaleidoscope City: a magical world where kids learn to see things from a new perspective. Whenever Alex, Emma, Jannie, and Eric have a disagreement, they transport to this wondrous world and its magic Kaleidoscope Shop. Each time they turn a kaleidoscope, the friends not only see colors rearrange in a new way, they see their dilemma in a brand new way… from the other’s point of view! With help from Kaleidoscope City locals like Dax, ChiChi, Matcha, and Baby Rainbow, children learn the importance of empathetic thinking. Starring members of YouTube global sensation Toys and Colors, Kaleidoscope City was produced using live action talent and CG characters in a world built entirely in the Unreal Engine.


Episodes x Run Time

1 x 22'


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